New brand testing: Hada Labo skin care products

Today I want to talk about some Japanese skin care products that I have received and being using them for over 2 months. Hada Labo is a Japanese skincare brand well known throughout Asia. If there is one product that everyone agrees upon among Asian beauty product lovers, it’s definitely the cult favorite Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid Lotion! Brand history:  ’’Hada Labo was created in 2004, in modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories of Rohto Pharmaceuticals Japan in Kyoto. What does the name Hada Labo mean? HADA is Japanese for SKIN, LABO stands for LABORATORY. Hada Labo means SKIN LAB. Rohto Pharmaceuticals Japan boasts over 100 years of experience in developing pharmaceuticals and cosmetic products, a direct confirmation of the high quality of its cosmetics. The company is known for its advanced research, constant improvements in quality, and high level of product safety. All this has for years translated into full customer satisfaction. In the 13 years that have elapsed since its launch onto the Japanese market, Hada Labo has become a global brand which achieved success in almost 20 markets worldwide, including Asia, the USA, Central and South America. Hada Labo had its debut on the European market in 2016. POLAND is the first country in Europe in which Hada Labo cosmetics are available.’’

I have heard and seen them in the online but never tested them and as a person that loves all skin care product related, I has so curious to try them. Hada Labo team were very kind and sent me some products to test. Before I start talking about each product, just to point out that all products sent to me I have tried and still using them for more than 2 months, so I have a well formed opinion about them. All opinions are mine and honest, non-altered, with no obligations. I choose to share my experience on my blog thinking that will help others 🙂 Also, what is good for me and my combination skin might not be good for everyone but these doesn’t mean that the product is not good, is just that we are all and react different to products. With that being said, I can now start talking about each product 🙂

Lotion Anti-aging Super Hydrator – this product is an easily absorbed, rejuvenating facial moisturizer with LOCK-in-MOIST formula, intended for frequent application. It contains Super Hyaluronic Acid™, Collagen and Retinol. Directions for use: Warm a pea-sized portion in your hands, and pat into the skin on face and neck. Use as often as necessary and always after cleansing the skin. This lotion is Step 2 in the Japanese Moisturizing Ritual. Can be used during the day, on make-up. Also recommended for sensitive skin. This is their most popular product. It is a hyaluronic acid serum. It has a lightweight watery gel texture that absorbs into the skin leaving it fresh, hydrated and plump. It also dries matte and does not leave a shiny finish. I really, really enjoy this lotion. It gives my skin the necessary amount of hydration, and yes combination or oily skin need hydration as well, because the excess sebum is from dehydration. I use 1-2 pumps on cleansed skin every am and pm. I warm the product in my hands and ’’feed’’ 🙂 my complexion, neck and decolletage area. It absorbs very fast, has no smell, doesn’t leave any coating and has never irritated my skin or eye area. Best hydrating lotion I’ve ever used! It’s a fantastic Hyaluronic Acid product that hydrates and plumps the skin leaving it glowing and looking fabulous.

Deep Wrinkle Corrector Eye & Mouth Area Cream – powerful repair cream and moisturizer with Super Hyaluronic AcidTM, which reduces even deep, strongly marked wrinkles. Spectacularly smooths and lifts the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth. Contains Collagen and Retinol which firm the skin and help rebuild its structure.  This is Step 4 in the Japanese Moisturizing Ritual. Suitable for sensitive skin. Although I’m not in my 40’s ( still have few more years to go 🙂 and also is better to prevent then treat ) I really enjoy a good eye cream as my eye area is dry and if I don’t hydrate it, then my fine lines start to look really bad. I use it every morning and evening without fail, only on my eye area. Light enough to sink in almost instantly, this is a perfect pre-makeup base, which leaves my eye area looking and feeling hydrated and soothed. The formula is gentle enough for sensitive skin and it’s free from fragrance, parabens, dyes and mineral oil so it won’t irritate skin. I only use a small amount and pat it into my eye area. It absorbs fast, without leaving any greasy effect. My eye area is hydrated, fine lines are almost nonexistent and also I’ve seen an improvement with my dark circles.

Special Repair Treatment – Night Cream – global-effect, rejuvenating treatment in a cream. Contains an intensely regenerating complex of Tetrapeptide-5 and Collagen which have strong anti-wrinkle and rebuilding properties. Super Hyaluronic AcidTM deeply moisturizes and the LOCK-in-MOIST formula helps the skin retain abundant supply of moisture for many hours.  Step 4 in the Japanese Moisturizing Ritual. Suitable for sensitive skin. It helps improve skin elasticity and overall smoothness. It has a slightly heavier creamy consistency as it is a night cream, but for my combination skin has done miracles. I use this as the final step of my night routine. My skin looks glowing in the morning and feels very soft. There has been times when I have not used it because it was to warm and didn’t feel the need of such a hydrating cream on my face but I do use it every evening for my neck and decolletage area.

Concentrated Water Serum Lock-in-Moist – powerful water serum with concentrated Super Hyaluronic AcidTM. A moisturizing shot for the skin, which helps it to retain its stock of moisture for many hours. The serum reduces visible signs of fatigue, leaving the skin looking healthy and feeling refreshed and replenished. Step 3 in the Japanese Moisturizing Ritual. Suitable for sensitive skin. From the moment I used this, I knew it would become my go-to serum. It was love at first use 🙂 It is a concentrated serum that can fix dehydrated skin.  As mentioned, I have combination skin but all this products are doing wonders for me. I only need a tiny bit of it, and it does the magic, I can always apply more but a pea-sized amount, not even a pump, is more than enough. It lasts a long time, much longer than other 30ml serums would, so don’t let the small size mislead you 🙂 I use it on my neck area as well. I have noticed that it leaves a sticky layer upon application, but it disappears quickly.  I apply it in the morning by its own or at times after I’ve used another cream. I love it both ways.

Anti-Aging Facial Sheet Mask – this soft, sheet mask drenches skin with a bottle of serum* (*20 ml of serum) to boost hydration and promote skin rejuvenation. It contains intensively moisturizing SUPER HYALURONIC ACID™, anti-wrinkle Retinol and Collagen, which helps to improve skin’s firmness.  Step 4 in the Japanese Moisturizing Ritual. Suitable for sensitive skin. Directions to use: Open the foil packet and unfold the mask. Position the eye, nose and mouth openings as you gently press the mask to your face. Leave on for 15 minutes. Gently remove. Do not rinse – pat excess serum into the skin. I have used this sheet mask after a long day at the beach and my face needed some extra hydration 🙂  It is a typical sheet mask. It’s got tiny openings along the sides, so that you can adjust it around your facial contours. While it was super easy to unravel, this thing was seriously saturated with product. The excess serum I have patted into my face, neck and decollete area and it totally absorbed. This is a fantastic extra step, in my opinion. It has left my skin feel extra smooth immediately after removing the mask but it felt smooth the next day as well. It left my face hydrated and glowing.

And the last product that I received was for my partner and was the Hydrating Foam Cleanser Gentle Face Wash, from the Men Line (A line of Japanese face care cosmetics for MEN – products which intensely moisturize and regenerate the skin) This gentle face wash changes into creamy lather upon contact with water and wonderfully removes all impurities, leaving the skin perfectly clean, superbly moisturizes and smooth. Also suitable for sensitive skin. Does not have fragrance. My partner has been using this face wash DAILY 🙂 and it has been more than 2 months. He really likes it. He told me that it cleans very well his skin and does not dry it at all. I know this can look like a really long article but wanted to be very precise with all the products, what I thought about them and my experience. A big, big thank you Hada Labo for sending us this amazing products.

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