How to take care of our hands and nails



As the face can show the age of a woman, so can the hands. Hands must always look impeccable. They are the women’s business card and the manicure is just as important.
The fact that we often cook or have many dishes to wash is not an excuse to have hands and especially nails untidy.
Full hands care does not always mean having a perfect manicure at the beauty salon (enough is that we have clean and leveled nails), but also hygiene and hydration.
Hydration of hands and cuticles is very important and should not be forgotten or done only during the cold season. With the passing of the years, the skin of the hands is thinning because the collagen layer is diminishing.


20190505_174750For months, I use natural hand cream with shea butter and mango from @essentiq. It gives me an intensive care of the hands and nails, it absorbs well into the skin and does not let that ”greasy” feeling  on my hands. Another thing I love about this cream is that it has a pump,making it easier to use.  Another product that I use for nail and cuticle care is the concentrated serum from @feminohelp.  It applies very easily, absorbs well and smells gorgeous.

20190505_184012If the nails are fragile, damaged or break quickly, we can choose a special treatment to solve the problem that we want to treat. I use a base (fortifying complex) from @farmec that I am very pleased with.  My nails are stronger and don’t break that easily. It can be applied under the nail polish (only one layer) or it can be worn as a color, applying 2 layers, leaving a neutral but very elegant color.
When it comes to the color of the nail polish …. here we have such a variety of colors that it is sometimes hard to decide.
My collection of nail varnishes is not that big but it contains those colors that I adore and know that I will not get bored with them. I’ve started buying nail varnishes from @farmec and the quality-price ratio is very good.  They look very good on the nails and resist pretty well.

@opi is a pretty well known brand with rather expensive but good quality products. I have only 2 nail varnishes from them but I will definitely buy other colors.20190505_184400.jpg

The @rimmellondon has a range of nail polish that dry pretty fast and the only color I have is a strong one that works very well when the skin is tanned.


What colors do you use on your nails?



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